Faith Partners Team

Faith Partners Team – A Ray of Hope

Caring for Those Impacted by Substance Abuse and Mental Illness

In response to the survey taken by worshipers, where over 90% of respondents thought Messiah should help persons and families struggling with substance abuse, A Ray of Hope has been formed. This is a team will use practical approaches in the areas of Prevention; Early Intervention; Referral Assistance, Recovery Support and Public Advocacy to assist those in need. The mission statement of A Ray of Hope is:

 “Messiah’s Ray of Hope Partners work to provide a Safe, Hopeful and non-judgmental environment at Messiah Lutheran Church by educating, supporting and referring all those affected by addiction and mental illness.

 Hear Steve’s testimony as to how he came to be a part of A Ray of Hope and more about the team:

A Journey

I have been on a journey to find a path through life for almost as long as I can remember. On March 10, 2019 Barbara and I had returned to Messiah Lutheran Church as we returned to Ralston to live. Pastor Berger’s sermon that week had touched my heart and mind. More importantly it was two Sundays in a row. I had cobbled together an introspective over the previous year. I had started several research projects to find the path that God had in mind for me. I was ready to walk with Jesus, but I could never settle on the path.

The answer was in Messiah’s mission statement. “We believe that a church should be warm, welcoming and fun!” It should be a place where you meet God through friendships, worship, study and service. The church should be a place where you can discover God’s plan for your life in a way that makessense and is relevant.

The Church was where the path was waiting. Yet another phrase was in the website for the Church. Messiah Lutheran, in describing what we are about, uses a phrase “we offer intentional, intimate discipleship groups for growth, support, and challenge”. There was another link to a path.

I met with Pastor Greg, and then Bill Goehring, to offer some support through a Wi-Fi project I was assisting in North Omaha. I thought it might fit with the existing mission at Wanblee on the Pine Ridge Reservation.

Pastor Otto Schultz was, within weeks, a guest speaker at our church. He provided a message regarding the Faith Partners, AL Anon, and a poll. That led to several members of our congregation banding together to form a new mission program.

That has now become Messiah’s “Ray of Hope”. That name, by the way, is a work in progress. But it certainly works for me. Ane Abraham is the facilitator. I get to be the Note Taker for the fledgling group for now. I have found a path, courtesy of the place that told me I could discover God’s plan.

A Ray of Hope is a cooperative venture with Faith Partners National and Region 5 Prevention Services.

Our next official meeting is August 15th at 6:30. Come find your path with us.