Faith Partners Builds Bridges

Bridges? Pickle Jars? Church? That’s right. Over 45 people from 16 Churches representing 9 Denominations participated in a two-day training event with Faith Partners Nebraska. Those from Messiah attending included, Bill Goehring, Jim McGinnis, Ane Abraham, Valerie Muller and Pastor Greg.

It was two days of intense, interactive, fun and information-packed training. The goal for those attending is for their local Church to take a team approach to alcohol and drug issues. Participants were trained to use practical approaches in five areas of service including prevention, early intervention, referral assistance, recovery support, and public advocacy. This training and future trainings are a cooperative venture between Faith Partners National and Region 5 Prevention Services.

“Faith Partners also provides long term support to sustain this ministry,” said Drew Brooks of Minneapolis, Minnesota, the lead trainer and Executive Director of Faith Partners. Together with Associate Trainer, Katrina Weiss of Cincinnati, Ohio, they led trainees through a variety of presentations and activities. One of them was a team building exercise that involved constructing bridges from newspaper and masking tape. Easy enough, you’d think. However, these bridges had to be wide enough to roll a one-gallon pickle jar through, tall enough for the jar to stand underneath, and strong enough to hold it. All five bridges passed the tests.

If you want to know more about Messiah’s Faith Partner Team and how you can be a part of their work, contact Bill Goehring or Jim McGinnis through the Church office (402-331-5510).