Leadership Assessment Results

Thank you to everyone who completed the LEAD Assessment during the months of April and early May. Here is a report of what we learned from the Assessment. In addition, this report includes action taken by Messiah’s Ministry Council at it’s annual Leadership Retreat, May 10-11 based on the Assessment.


What is the Assessment?

The Assessment is a tool to:

– Discover perspectives of those who worship at Messiah.

– Identify current and future stakeholders of our ministry.

It is used to paint a picture of what is happening at Messiah and steps to take to join in the mission God has for us.


What did we say?

Your responses help us view Messiah in terms of LEAD’s four quadrants:

Growing: Purpose and values align with the vision the drives our ministry.

Becoming: Seeking to identify where God is calling you in your context.

Out of Breath: Purpose may no longer reflect what is happening around you in the community. Change feels


Stalled: Focus is turned inward leaving you disconnected from your community.


Based on your responses, Messiah is described as BECOMING.

The Consultant from LEAD, notes Messiah has a number of strengths and “tweaking” a few things can move us closer to being a GROWING congregation.


What did the Ministry Council do with the results?

After reviewing the responses in detail, the Ministry Council worked through a process to:

– Identify four values from a list of 15 core values, we wanted to focus on for the next 12 months. Those are:

  1. Incorporate new members in congregational life.
  2. Seek out and use the gifts of people of all ages.
  3. Build strong, healthy relationships among members.
  4. Help members live out their faith in their daily lives.

– Identified stakeholders we want to focus on for the next year (Stakeholders are people who affect or are

affected by our ministry).

– Identify some of Messiah’s strengths, applying them to the four values and discussing how they might

impact our stakeholders.


From this process, the Ministry Council launched two proposals for the 2019-2020 program year:

  1. “Tables of 8,” an initiative designed to help Messiah members get to know other members better.
  2. “Unity Events,” worship and other events designed to celebrate our unified mission while embracing our


If you would like to be a part of the teams developing to work on these two proposals, contact Pastor Greg, Erin, or any Ministry Council member.

Please note: With the launch of these two proposals, this DOES NOT mean that we are stopping or discontinuing any of the other vital ministries of Messiah!