Stewardship 2017

“Giving in the Church – 1967 called and your offering envelopes are in”

In the church, we like to reminisce about the good old days when we grew churches by having Lutheran babies and people gave because it was their duty.  As much as we might long for such days, 1967 won’t be coming back anytime soon.  So how and why do people give to churches today?  Why do you give?  How does Messiah receive and manage gifts?  This year, for our stewardship emphasis, we will address what’s changed, what works and how you are a part of our stewardship at Messiah.

Often you hear people say, “All they talk about at church is money.”  Well, maybe you’ve noticed that there hasn’t been much of that talk at Messiah.  (Remember the days when it seemed like every week, leaders were telling you we were short and begged you to give more? – yuck!  They were as tired of begging as you were of hearing it!)

However, that doesn’t mean that money and how we manage it isn’t important.  Jesus actually talked more about how we handle our finances than he talked about love!  So, we’ve tried to reach a compromise.  Except for the monthly Treasurer’s reports summaries and the occasional ask for special funds, this emphasis is all you will hear about money at Messiah.

Join us this October to learn, grow, better understand, and maybe even have a little fun with money as an expression of faith.  Here is the schedule:

October 1st “Why do you share what God has given you?”

October 8th “Do you trust us?”

October 15th “It’s a Miracle!”

October 22nd “High Impact Giving and the Big Ask!”