The Jury’s Verdict

The Jury’s verdict in our Wednesday evening drama, “The People v Judas, the punishment phase” was that 83% of the jury said Judas should receive forgiveness, mercy and a restored relationship with Jesus. 17% of the jury said Judas should receive eternal punishment and separation from Jesus. Thank you to the court and witnesses for sharing a thought-provoking review of Jesus’ Passion.

Baliff: Elaine Chapin/Amber Winters

Judge: Stephanie Cutler

Attorney Justice: Jaime Andersen

Attorney Grace: Tara Ritchie

John/Judas: Jim Nicholsen

Mary Magdalene: Erin Kampschnieder

Unnamed Woman: Lois Thies

Peter: Bill Goehring

Young boy/Surprise Witness (Death): Jean Menard

Mary, Jesus’ mom: Donna Bright

Friend of Judas: Julie Fox

Chief Priest/Paul: Gary Darling