Treasurer Report

For December the General Fund balance decreased to $31,682 as expenses (including annual unpaid vacation accruals) exceeded income by $1,366.  Not including the accruals (which are only paid out if an employee terminates with accrued vacation on the books), income exceeded expenses by $5,762.  December giving was about $10K less than last December.  Full year 2018 income was about $21K behind 2017 and about $24K behind budgeted income for the year.  Full year 2018 expenses were about $3K below budget.  Mission Share is current at 10% of General Fund receipts.

Income, Expenses, General and Contingency Reserve Fund balances for the past 13 months are shown in the graph.

The mortgage loan balance is $161,922.

The Contingency Reserve Fund balance is $58,278.

Endowment fund balances total $107,522.

Other special funds total $107,685.