We’re delighted you’re thinking about visiting Messiah. If you decide to worship with us, here is what you can expect on a typical Sunday:

What to wear: 

We are more interested in meeting you than what you wear to church. Some dress up, lots dress down. Whatever works for you is great with us!



Church starts at 8:30 and 11:00 am during the school year and 8:30 and 10:00 am Memorial Day through Labor Day. It’s good if you can to arrive just a few minutes early to settle in. You will be warmly greeted when you arrive. Come on in, take a seat and relax, you are in the presence of an awesome God who loves you dearly and you'll sit next to some folks who have been coming to church their whole lives and others who are walking into a church for the first time in maybe decades or maybe ever.


The Service: 

Our worship is in the tradition of Lutheran worship which means at the center of what we do is God’s Word and God’s Meal. Also in true Lutheran fashion, our worship is filled with singing. Sermons are usually around 15 minutes long and rooted in scripture with plenty of contemporary examples and applications. Communion, or the Lord’s Supper is share at every worship service. Everyone is welcome to participate. In the meal Christ comes to us, to forgive, renew and empower us. If you long to know God’s love through Jesus is for you, you are welcomed. Non-alcoholic and gluten free options are available. As a visitor we won’t call you out or make you stand up and wave or dance. We will ask you, like we ask everyone at worship, to fill out an attendance card (found in your pew) and drop it in the offering plate. It’s a great way for us to get to know you. And speaking of offering, we do give of our financial resources as a part of worship. We believe that giving is an act of trust in God’s goodness and providence. But no worries – we don’t keep track of who puts in what! If you want contribute to our offering, you can do so here, too! 

At 8:30 worship we use the traditional Lutheran liturgy and more traditional hymns. Yes, we are up and down a bit as we stand at particular times as a sign of respect and reverence, but if you are not able or uncomfortable standing often, you are welcome to stay seated.

At 11:00 worship we follow a simplified order of worship (with less standing) and we sing contemporary Christian music, led by a team of instrumentalists and singers. We offer prayer after recieving communion for those who are seeking God for a need or concern during communion time. 

Children in Worship: 

We love to have children in worship! The noise and business of children is a sign of life and faith happening. We have several resources for parents and children: A Prayground is located in the front of the worship center. Children are welcome here to keep their hands busy while being able to take in all that is happening in worship. Parents sit in the pews immediately behind the children to keep an eye on them. There are worship activity bags in the lobby with age appropriate activities that children can take with them into worship, as well as activity sheets for children related to the scripture and theme of the day. In addition, there is a quiet room for parents and little ones if you need to step out of worship for a bit. It is equipped with rocking chairs, a few toys, and a changing table. A speaker in the room allows you to continue to listen to worship.


How do I become a member of Messiah?

We are the family of God! If you want to be a part of God’s family here at Messiah – you are! You are a sister or brother in Christ! Welcome!

To fully participate in our faith community, you are also invited to consider becoming a member of the organization. You can do this by transferring membership from another faith community, joining by publicly affirming your faith, or if not already baptized, by being baptized. Member Information Classes are held periodically where we share what it means to be a member of Messiah. Our main goal is to help you become connected to others. After the class, you may make your decision about joining. Fill out this form below or contact the church office to find out the date of our next Member Information Class.

I’m interested in baptism. What do I need to know?

Baptism marks the entrance into a Covenant relationship with God and the family of God. It is an important step in the life of a follower of Jesus. Baptism is a family event so all Baptisms are celebrated during any of our worship services. We believe the principle actor in Baptism is God as we are claimed, named and sealed into God’s love. That means we baptize at all ages. Before being baptized or baptizing your child, you will meet with the pastor for orientation and instruction.You can email him here. 

We’re interested in getting married at Messiah. What do I need to do?

If you want to be married at Messiah, please contact the church office and we will send you our wedding guideline and policy booklet. A wedding date can be tentatively scheduled, but is not guaranteed until you have met with the pastor and reviewed the guidelines and polices with her/him. 

Can I use the church facilities for an event?

Members of Messiah may contact the church office by filling out the form below to request a room for an event. Those in the community may also request a room for an event. Varying fees and deposits are required for room reservations. 

Ready to Visit?

The best way to get to know Messiah is to join us for Sunday worship. We want you to feel welcome and at home. We know that your first visit to a church, any church brings some anxiety and questions. Feel free to ask us anything via our contact us  or when you visit.

When you are ready to get connected, again, contact us. We know that connecting requires a willingness to step out of the shadows to be known, loved, served and celebrated. So we will be here to welcome and encourage you any way we can. As you browse our website, you will see any number of people in all sorts of ministries willing to help you. We hope you will find a home at Messiah.