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8:30am Traditional Worship 

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5015 S 80th St

Ralston, NE 68127

Ph. 402.331.5510

About Us

God touches us so that we can touch the lives of others.  This is the core of our vision and mission at Messiah. We want you to have a relationship with us and God. 

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Thank you for stopping by our website! Take a look around to get a feel for who we are as a faith family. You will see at the top of the page links to the most important information and issues we find ourselves in. Also, please sign up for our e-newsletter – just scroll down a little farther. The e-newsletter is our best way to keep you updated and offer resources.

 We are excited about the future as God's people! We are resurrection people! That means even when we experience loss, there is also something new coming! Our life is a continuous exploring of who God has created us to be. And we'd love to be a part of your personal exploration. From faith formation and worship, to serving our neighbor near and far, we are about letting God lead us and breathe new life into our hearts and lives. 

“When you send forth your spirit, they are created; and you renew the face of the ground.”  - Psalm 104:30 (NRSV)

 If you have any questions at all, we would love to connect with you.

You can contact us, here! 


God Touches Us so that We can Touch the Lives of Others

Outreach Ministry

God touches us so that we can touch the lives of others; in our congregation, community and world. 

Adult Ministry

Our relationship with God never stops growing. Learn about the ways you can strengthen your faith life at Messiah. 

Youth Ministry

Youth in the church are valued, for they are the future leaders of the church. Find out more about connecting your youth in our Confirmation journey and High School group. 

Children and Family Ministry 

Our youth program is devoted to connecting youth and their families to ways they can live out faith in their everyday life. 


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