Welcome to Messiah's Youth Ministry! 

At Messiah, we want our youth to feel valued, important members of the church. They are our future, and we want to support God's children and empower them to be strong in their faith. There are so many ways to get your youth involved in faith formation at Messiah, we hope your child can find community and support with their church family! 

Confirmation Resources 

Confirmation (6th-9th Grades) 

Confirmation at Messiah starts in 6th grade with attendance in Sunday School and fellowship events, as well as completing service hours, worship notes, and acolyting. We realize that not all those interested in Confirmation are not in 6th-9th grades. If you, or your older youth are interested in being Confirmed, we can adapt something that will work for you. To find out more about our Confirmation program and enroll your youth, please fill out our form. 


Senior High Youth (9th-12th grades) 

High Schoolers at Messiah are our newest voting members of Messiah after Confirmation. High Schoolers are welcome to join us for our once a month youth group on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, as well as monthly fellowship and service events. Kids that are interested in joining the Senior High Youth should contact Erin Judy. In the Summer, a High School Mission Trip is available for youth who want to serve and connect further with other young disciples!